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In Euskera, the language of the Basques, Beti Alai means "Always Happy."  This is the name of the Ontario Basque Club Dancers.  Beti Alai is composed of the children of Ontario Basque Club members. The group performs at the club's Annual Dinner Dance and other events such as America's Global Village, The Malheur County Fair, Jaialdi, and local conferences.  

The group performs dances from several regions of Euskal Herria, the Basque Country. Their repetoire includes the Jota and Porrusalda, Txontxongilo, Zagi Dantza, Matelota, Zapatain Dantza, Tamborrada, Olagueko Esku Dantza, Makila Txikiakikoa, Axeri Danzta, Zinta Dantza, Danza de los Santos Patrones de Oion, and others. For more information about the Beti Alai Dancers contact Maria at [email protected].

History of the Ontario Basque Dancers

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The mission of the original Basque Ladies Club founded in 1947 was to promote and preserve the Basque heritage through language and dance. An organized dance group was formed in 1960.  The Ladies Club's first costumes were remade for this pioneer group. Along with dancing the children learned Basque songs. This early group was instructed by Becky Platt and Timmie Echanis in dancing and Lucia Egurrola in song. Dancers in the 1960 group were: Toni Acaiturri, Carmen Calzacorta, Maria Elena Calzacorta, Frank Echanis, Jim Echanis, Kathy Echanis, Mike Echanis, Pat Echanis, Jim Mendiguren, Phillip Mendiguren, Tommy Mendiguren, Ben Plaza, Lewis Plaza, Ramona Plaza, Kenny Vandewall, Vicki Vandewall, Kitsy Ybarzabal, Bob Yturri,  Evet Yturri, and Mary Yturri.  

Past Instructors of Ontario Basque Dancers

Over the years the following individuals have been among the instructors for the dance group: Timmie Echanis, Becky Platt, Lucy Egurrola (singing), Elena Calzacorta (singing), Ramona Plaza, Maria Calzacorta, Frank Echanis, Cecilia Calzacorta, Joanne Mainvil, Tim Anacabe, Chris Franks, Dick Franks, Kathy Franks, Theresa Pagoaga, Maria Barinaga Tipton, Juli Plaza Gundle, Lisa Corcostegui, Enrike Corcostegui, Sage Stringer, Tara Dominick, and Holly DeTassigny. Grace Mainvil also dedicated many hours over the years to helping with the dancers, coordinating performances, and acting as announcer. Daniella Tipton is currently the group's leader.


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