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1451 Sacramento:BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Nombre y Apellidos:Juan Manuel, Mendiola, Lariz
Padre:Juan, Mendiola, Goiogana
Madre:Catalina, Lariz, Eiguren
Territorio histórico:BIZKAIA
Parroquia:52030 San Pedro Apóstol
Página/foliof. 149 vº - 150 rº
Fechas del libro1750 - 1853 
Mendiola Lariz, Juan Manuel (I3279070)
1452 Sacramento:BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Nombre y Apellidos:Antonio Bernabeo, Landa, Bilbao
Padre:Antonio, Landa, Uribarri
Madre:Maria Jesus, Bilbao, -----
Territorio histórico:BIZKAIA
Localidad:Gamiz - Fika-Gamiz
Parroquia:61070 San Andrés Apóstol
Fondo: / Fondos Parroquiales / Archivos Parroquiales / Gamiz - Fika - Gamiz / San Andrés Apóstol
Página/foliof. 212 rº
Fechas del libro1809 - 1846 
Landa Bilbao, Antonio (I6131586)
1453 Sacramento:BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Nombre y Apellidos:Juan, Aramburu, Arangoena
Padre:Pedro Domingo, Aramburu, Onaindia
Madre:Maria Javiera, Arangoena, Lejarzaburu
Territorio histórico:BIZKAIA
Parroquia:53020 San Juan Bautista
Fondo: / Fondos Parroquiales / Archivos Parroquiales / Aulesti - Aulesti / San Juan Bautista
Página/foliof. 142 vº
Fechas del libro1793 – 1852
Aramburu Aranguena, Juan (I6941629)
1454 Sacramento:BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Nombre y Apellidos:Maria Francisca, Yraguen, Longa
Padre:Juan Manuel, Yraguen, Naveran
Madre:Maria Josefa, Longa, Bargas
Territorio histórico:BIZKAIA
Parroquia:52060 Santa María de la Consolación
Página/foliop. 276
Fechas del libro1812 - 1875 
Yragüen Longa, Maria Francisca (I82033)
1455 Sacramento:BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Nombre y Apellidos:Maria Martina, Asumendi, Aristondo
Padre:Jose Antonio, Asumendi, Arambarri
Madre:Josefa , Aristondo, Arostegui
Territorio histórico:BIZKAIA
Localidad:Markina - Xemein-Markina
Parroquia:53110 La Asunción de Nuestra Señora
Página/foliof. 197 vº
Fechas del libro1825 - 1851 
Asumendi Aristondo, Maria Martina (I10323)
1456 Sacramento:BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Nombre y Apellidos:Antonio Francisco, Mendiola, Zavala
Padre:Juan Manuel, Mendiola, Lariz
Madre:Valentina, Zavala, Ciarda
Territorio histórico:BIZKAIA
Parroquia:52030 San Pedro Apóstol
Página/foliof. 023 rº - vº
Fechas del libro1854 - 1899 
Mendiola Zabala, Antonio Francisco (I3259551)
1457 Sacramento:BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Nombre y Apellidos:Marcelino, Madariaga, Monasterio
Padre:Antonio, Madariaga, Monasterio
Madre:Hermenegilda, Monasterio, Arrien
Territorio histórico:BIZKAIA
Parroquia:52100 La Asunción de Nuestra Señora
Página/foliof. 074 vº - 075 rº
Fechas del libro1864-07-15 - 1886-09-04 
Madariaga Monasterio, Marcelino (I3688077)
1458 Sacramento:BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Nombre y Apellidos:Juan José, Goicoechea, Bengoa
Padre:Pedro José, Goicoechea, Ocamica
Madre:Maria Dominga, Bengoa, Aranburu
Territorio histórico:BIZKAIA
Parroquia:53050 Santa Catalina
Página/foliof. 037 rº - vº
Fechas del libro1883 - 1919 
Goicoechea Bengoa, Juan Jose (I3608351)
1459 Sacramento:BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Nombre y Apellidos:Marcelino, Osa, Urquiza
Padre:Francisco Ygnacio, Osa, Urresti
Madre:Agueda, Urquiza, Anchústegui
Comentarios:Nota marginal: Matrimonio;
Territorio histórico:BIZKAIA
Parroquia:52190 San Andrés Apóstol
Página/foliof. 292 vº
Fechas del libro1859-06-05 - 1901-07-05 
Osa Urquiza, Marcelino (I7238499)
1460 Sacramento:BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Nombre y Apellidos:Josefa Eusebia, Arriaga, Asla
Padre:Bernardo Pablo, Arriaga, Llona
Madre:Juana, Asla, Aguirre
Arrieta - Arrieta / San Martín Obispo
Página/foliof. 132 vº
Fechas del libro1845 - 1873 
Arriaga Asla, Josefa Eusebia (I6108947)
1461 Sacramento:MATRIMONIOS-Registros originales
[Esposo] Nombre y Apellidos:Antonio, Landa, Bilbao
[Esposa] Nombre y Apellidos:Celedonia, Bilbao, -----
Comentarios:También velados;
Territorio histórico:BIZKAIA
Parroquia:61010 San Martín Obispo
Fondo: / Fondos Parroquiales / Archivos Parroquiales / Arrieta - Arrieta / San Martín Obispo
Página/foliof. 031 rº - vº
Fechas del libro1846-02-21 - 1929-11-30 
Family F1673679
1462 Searched Banka - not found. The only Espil children were born to Dominique and Ardaintz. No Martin found.

Searched Aldudes - not found 
Espil, Martin (I5674102)
1463 September 9, 1935—February 18, 2018

Celso (Cy) Bonifacio Yraguen, age 82 of Carlin, passed away at his home on February 18, 2018. He was born September 9, 1935 in Winnemucca, NV, to Francisca and Bonifacio Yraguen. Cy graduated from Pershing County High School in 1953 and married Katherine Peluaga in June, 1957. He served in Korea for two years with the United States Army. He is survived and loved by his wife of 60 years Katherine, daughters Lorrie (Terry ) Haub, Ellen (Neal) Fincher, and JoAnn (Rich) Dominguez; grandcchildren Lindsay Haub, Braden (Miranda) Haub, Megan Fincher, Sarah Fincher, and Dante Dominguez; great grand-children, Makai Haub and Dawson Haub, brother Joe Yraguen, along with many brothers and sisters in-law, nieces, nephews, and great nieces and nephews. Cy was preceded in death by his parents and sisters Augustine and Gloria.

Cy enjoyed spending time with his family and watching his beloved Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Cardinals, and Carlin Railroaders. A funeral mass will be held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 462 4th Street in Carlin on Friday, February 23rd at 2:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the American Legion Scholarship fund, PO Box 763, Carlin, NV 89822 or Sacred Heart Church, PO Box 235, Carlin, NV 89822. 
Yraguen, Celso (I7890976)
1464 She left Le Havre, France on the ship Le Touraine on August 17, 1907 as a steerage passenger. She arrived at Ellis Island on August 25th, 1907. On page 26 of the ship manifest, line 12, she is listed as 16 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, clear complexion, 5'4" tall. Occupation: dressmaker. She had $45.00 dollars wit her and had paid her own passage. She was going to her uncle Antonio Azcuenaga's in Jordan Valley.

Other passengers included:
Narciso Sangroniz, a 29 year-old carpenter from Gernika going to his friend, Jose Uberuaga's in Boise (918 Idaho St.)
Jesus Aguirre, 16 year-old farm laborer from Argoitia, Bizkaia. Going to his father at 918 Idaho St., Boise
Nicolas Madarieta, 19 years old from Ispaster going to his friend, Corta, at 918 Idaho St., Boise
Jose Aboitiz, 40 year-old mason from Ea going to his brother Doroteo at 918 Idaho St., Boise
Crusa Telleria, 17 year-old dressmaker from Lekeitio, Bizkaia going to uncle, Juan Anduiza at 918 Idaho St., Boise
Laurea Bengoechea, 18 year-old dressmaker from Lekeitio, Bizkaia, going to 918 Idaho St., Boise
Andres Bengoechea, Laurea's father, a 39 year-old farm laborer, a U.S. citizen from Lekeitio, Bizkaia
Leandra Erquiaga, a 24 year-old housewife from Ispaster going to her brother at 918 Idaho St., Boise
Jose Erquiaga, 16 year-old, Leandra's brother
Polonia Mallea Fernandez, 35 year-old dressmaker from Ereno going to her husband Bonifacio Fernandez at Delamar, Idaho. Final destination was Nampa, Idaho
Bibiana Fernandez, Polonia's 2 year-old daughter
Escolastica Arriaundiaga, 17 year-old dressmaker from Elanchobe, going to her cousin Eulalia Arreguy at 918 Idaho St., Boise
Domingo Anchustegui, 33 year-old sailor from Lekeitio, Bizkaia going to his son-in-law Felix in Shoshone, Idaho
Jose Corta, 28 year-old baker from Lekeitio, Bizkaia going to his brother at 918 Idaho St., Boise
Eulalia Sarcola (?), 35 year-old dressmaker from Elanchobe going to her cousin ? Arregui at 918 Idaho St., Boise
Jose Barainca, a 28 year-old carpenter from Ea goign to his friend at 918 Idaho St., Boise
Romualdo Soloaga, 28 year-old carman from Lekeitio, Bizkaia going to friend Eleuterio Goicoechea at 918 Idaho St., Boise

Series: T715 Roll: 973 Frame: 815 
Uberuaga Azcuenaga, Valentina Manuela (I5456796)
1465 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Muscar, M. (I6564525)
1466 sibling:
Sacramento:BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Nombre y Apellidos:Maria Teresa, Zavala, Zirarda
Padre:Martin, Zavala, Longa
Madre:Maria Dominga, Zirarda, Echevarrieta
Territorio histórico:BIZKAIA
Parroquia:53060 San Miguel Arcángel
Página/foliof. 163 rº
Fechas del libro1797 - 1846 
Zavala Ciarda, Valentina (I3300960)
1467 siblings
Mediola, Ugarte Echea, Pablo H BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1864-11-18 Ispaster-Ispaster San Miguel Arcángel
Mendiola, Ugartechea, Gerbacio H BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1853-06-19 Bilbao-Deusto San Pedro Apóstol
Mendiola, Ugartecoechea, Juana Ezequiela M BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1855-04-10 Bilbao-Deusto San Pedro Apóstol
Mendiola, Ugarte echea, Maria Angelina M BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1858-01-04 Ispaster-Ispaster San Miguel Arcángel
Mendiola, Ugarte echea, Antonio Saturnino H BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1859-10-02 Ispaster-Ispaster San Miguel Arcángel
Mendiola, Ugarte-echea, José Francisco H BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1868-11-25 Ispaster-Ispaster San Miguel Arcángel
Mendiola, Ugarte-Echea, Pedro H BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1863-02-22 Ispaster-Ispaster San Miguel Arcángel

Sacramento: BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Fecha: 1853-06-19
Nombre y Apellidos: Gerbacio, Mendiola, Ugartechea
Padre: Juan Martin, Mendiola, Echevarria
Madre: Maria Antonia, Ugartechea, Deusto
Diócesis Bilbao
Territorio histórico: BIZKAIA
Localidad: Bilbao-Deusto
Parroquia: 71080 San Pedro Apóstol
Fondo: / Fondos Parroquiales / Archivos Parroquiales / Bilbao - Deusto / San Pedro Apóstol
ID: 104191
Código de Referencia ES/AHEB-BEHA/F006.084 (1864/002-00)
Signatura 1864/002-00
Sig.Antigua 0009/002-00
Sig.Microfilm 9-170-03
Sig. Digital Libro 186400200
Página/folio f. 348 brº
Fechas del libro 1820-06-18 - 1854-09-18
Mendiola Ugarteechea, Maria Josefa (I4226860)
1468 siblings
Sacramento: BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Fecha: 1893-11-28
Nombre y Apellidos: Gregorio, Mendazona, Anduiza
Padre: Simon, Mendazona, Garatea
Madre: Carmen, Anduiza, Mendazona
Nota marginal: Matrimonio;
Territorio histórico: BIZKAIA
Localidad: Ispaster-Ispaster
Parroquia: 53060
Página/folio: p. 109 - 110
Fechas del libro: 1888-10-10 - 1922-04-09

Nombre y Apellidos: José Ygnacio, Mendazona, Anduiza

Nombre y Apellidos: Ysidoro, Mendazona, Anduiza

Nombre y Apellidos: Feliciana, Mendazona, Anduiza
Mendazona Anduiza, Hipolito (I1324614)
1469 SILLONIS, ELENA ABURRUSA 04/08/1920 08/13/1901 01 BOISE 029812 1920

Sister was Gertrudis Aburuza - This person was a cousin of Isabel Chopitea who was on the same ship (22 May 1917) and also went to Boise. We find a Gertrudis Aburruza widowed in Mountain Home in the 1920 census. This Gertrudis would presumably have the last name of her husband. We find a Gertrudis Aburruza married to Andres Jayo on January 21, 1917 in Boise. Which makes sense because the passenger manifest indicates that she is going to a "friend" Jayo in Boise. Very confusing because the marriage date to Jayo is five months before her arrival date. Can't find a death for Gertrudis Jayo. She must have gone back to Europe. There is a passenger manifest for her coming back to the US from Lekeitio, Bizkaia in 1941.

Gertrudis and Elena were sisters. Funeral information found for Elena "Helen" in The Basque Museum's collection gives her parents' names as Alexandro and "Mita" (Rita) Arrasate, the same as those of Gertrudis.

We have been unable to find a passenger manifest for Elena.

Sacramento: BAUTISMOS-Registros originales
Fecha: 1900-03-18
Nombre y Apellidos: Gertrudis, Aburruza, Arrasate
Padre: Alejandro, Aburruza, Mendizabal
Madre: Rita, Arrasate, Eguren
Localidad: Sestao-Sestao
Parroquia: Sestao / La Anunciación de Nuestra Señora
ID: 770513
Página/folio p. 279
Fechas del libro 1899-03-19 - 1900-08-15
Aburruza Arrasate, Elena (I4232248)
1470 Social Security Death Index
about Alice Azcuenaga
Name: Alice Azcuenaga
SSN: 519-22-6853
Last Residence: 83702 Boise, Ada, Idaho, United States of America
Born: 15 Aug 1907
Died: Feb 1982
State (Year) SSN issued: Idaho (Before 1951)
Azcuenaga, Alicia E. (I5932195)
1471 Source Citation
Date: 1955-09-11
Source Information California, Death Index, 1940-1997 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000.
Name: Martin Espil
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 11 Apr 1877
Birth Place: Other Country
Death Date: 11 Sep 1955
Death Place: Modoc
Mother's Maiden Name: Sarry
Father's Surname: Espil 
Espil, Martin (I5674102)
1472 St Peter's Priory
Witnesses: Pedro Bilbao and Carmen Larocea 
Family F689332

Birth: 10 JUN 1951 Boise, Ada, Idaho

Death: 21 DEC 1960


Azcuenaga, Steve (I5936539)
1474 Testigos: Agustin Azcuenaga (cestero, natural de Abando) y Venancio Azumendi (herrero, natural de Mendexa) Family F1569884
1475 Testigos: Agustin Azcuenaga (cestero, natural de Abando) y Venancio Azumendi (herrero, natural de Mendexa)  
1476 Testigos: Antonio Eleuterio Arteagaveitia y Raon Uberuaga (solteros, pescadores) Family F1586350
1477 Testigos: Antonio Eleuterio Arteagaveitia y Raon Uberuaga (solteros, pescadores)  
1478 The following is the analysis of Richard Gabica's DNA performed by the Genographic Project

Type: Y-Chromosome
Haplogroup: R1b (M343)

Your STRs DYS393: 13 DYS439: 12 DYS388: 12 DYS385a: 11
DYS19: 14 DYS389-1: 13 DYS390: 24 DYS385b: 14
DYS391: 11 DYS389-2: 16 DYS426: 12 DYS392: 13

How to Interpret Your Results
Above are results from the laboratory analysis of your Y-chromosome. Your DNA was analyzed for Short Tandem Repeats (STRs), which are repeating segments of your genome that have a high mutation rate. The location on the Y chromosome of each of these markers is depicted in the image, with the number of repeats for each of your STRs presented to the right of the marker. For example, DYS19 is a repeat of TAGA, so if your DNA repeated that sequence 12 times at that location, it would appear: DYS19 12. Studying the combination of these STR lengths in your Y Chromosome allows researchers to place you in a haplogroup, which reveals the complex migratory journeys of your ancestors. Y-SNP: In the event that the analysis of your STRs was inconclusive, your Y chromosome was also tested for the presence of an informative Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP). These are mutational changes in a single nucleotide base, and allow researchers to definitively place you in a genetic haplogroup.


Your Y chromosome results identify you as a member of haplogroup R1b, a lineage defined by a genetic marker called M343. This haplogroup is the final destination of a genetic journey that began some 60,000 years ago with an ancient Y chromosome marker called M168.
The very widely dispersed M168 marker can be traced to a single individual—"Eurasian Adam." This African man, who lived some 31,000 to 79,000 years ago, is the common ancestor of every non-African person living today. His descendants migrated out of Africa and became the only lineage to survive away from humanity's home continent.

Population growth during the Upper Paleolithic era may have spurred the M168 lineage to seek new hunting grounds for the plains animals crucial to their survival. A period of moist and favorable climate had expanded the ranges of such animals at this time, so these nomadic peoples may have simply followed their food source.

Improved tools and rudimentary art appeared during this same epoch, suggesting significant mental and behavioral changes. These shifts may have been spurred by a genetic mutation that gave "Eurasian Adam's" descendants a cognitive advantage over other contemporary, but now extinct, human lineages.

Some 90 to 95 percent of all non-Africans are descendants of the second great human migration out of Africa, which is defined by the marker M89.

M89 first appeared 45,000 years ago in Northern Africa or the Middle East. It arose on the original lineage (M168) of "Eurasian Adam," and defines a large inland migration of hunters who followed expanding grasslands and plentiful game to the Middle East.

Many people of this lineage remained in the Middle East, but others continued their movement and followed the grasslands through Iran to the vast steppes of Central Asia. Herds of buffalo, antelope, woolly mammoths, and other game probably enticed them to explore new grasslands.

With much of Earth's water frozen in massive ice sheets, the era's vast steppes stretched from eastern France to Korea. The grassland hunters of the M89 lineage traveled both east and west along this steppe "superhighway" and eventually peopled much of the continent.

A group of M89 descendants moved north from the Middle East to Anatolia and the Balkans, trading familiar grasslands for forests and high country. Though their numbers were likely small, genetic traces of their journey are still found today.

Some 40,000 years ago a man in Iran or southern Central Asia was born with a unique genetic marker known as M9, which marked a new lineage diverging from the M89 group. His descendants spent the next 30,000 years populating much of the planet.

Most residents of the Northern Hemisphere trace their roots to this unique individual, and carry his defining marker. Nearly all North Americans and East Asians have the M9 marker, as do most Europeans and many Indians. The haplogroup defined by M9, K, is known as the Eurasian Clan.

This large lineage dispersed gradually. Seasoned hunters followed the herds ever eastward, along a vast belt of Eurasian steppe, until the massive mountain ranges of south central Asia blocked their path.

The Hindu Kush, Tian Shan, and Himalaya, even more formidable during the era's ice age, divided eastward migrations. These migrations through the "Pamir Knot" region would subsequently become defined by additional genetic markers.

The marker M45 first appeared about 35,000 to 40,000 years ago in a man who became the common ancestor of most Europeans and nearly all Native Americans. This unique individual was part of the M9 lineage, which was moving to the north of the mountainous Hindu Kush and onto the game-rich steppes of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and southern Siberia.

The M45 lineage survived on these northern steppes even in the frigid Ice Age climate. While big game was plentiful, these resourceful hunters had to adapt their behavior to an increasingly hostile environment. They erected animal skin shelters and sewed weathertight clothing. They also refined the flint heads on their weapons to compensate for the scarcity of obsidian and other materials.

The intelligence that allowed this lineage to adapt and thrive in harsh conditions was critical to human survival in a region where no other hominids are known to have survived.

Members of haplogroup R are descendents of Europe's first large-scale human settlers. The lineage is defined by Y chromosome marker M173, which shows a westward journey of M45-carrying Central Asian steppe hunters.

The descendents of M173 arrived in Europe around 35,000 years ago and immediately began to make their own dramatic mark on the continent. Famous cave paintings, like those of Lascaux and Chauvet, signal the sudden arrival of humans with artistic skill. There are no artistic precedents or precursors to their appearance.

Soon after this lineage's arrival in Europe, the era of the Neandertals came to a close. Genetic evidence proves that these hominids were not human ancestors but an evolutionary dead end. Smarter, more resourceful human descendents of M173 likely outcompeted Neandertals for scarce Ice Age resources and thus heralded their demise.

The long journey of this lineage was further shaped by the preponderance of ice at this time. Humans were forced to southern refuges in Spain, Italy, and the Balkans. Years later, as the ice retreated, they moved north out of these isolated refuges and left an enduring, concentrated trail of the M173 marker in their wake.

Today, for example, the marker's frequency remains very high in northern France and the British Isles—where it was carried by M173 descendents who had weathered the Ice Age in Spain.

Members of haplogroup R1b, defined by M343 are the direct descendents of Europe's first modern humans—known as the Cro-Magnon people.

Cro-Magnons arrived in Europe some 35,000 years ago, during a time when Neandertals still lived in the region. M343-carrying peoples made woven clothing and constructed huts to withstand the frigid climes of the Upper Paleolithic era. They used relatively advanced tools of stone, bone, and ivory. Jewelry, carvings, and intricate, colorful cave paintings bear witness to the Cro Magnons' surprisingly advanced culture during the last glacial age.

When the ice retreated genetically homogenous groups recolonized the north, where they are still found in high frequencies. Some 70 percent of men in southern England are R1b. In parts of Spain and Ireland that number exceeds 90 percent.

There are many sublineages within R1b that are yet to be defined. The Genographic Project hopes to bring future clarity to the disparate parts of this distinctive European lineage.
Gabica, Ricardo Pedro (I5456798)
1479 The Humboldt Sun - February 1, 2010

Dorateo F. "Skeeter" Lasa, 63, of Winnemucca, passed away Saturday, Jan/30, 2010, Paradise Valley. He was born on Oct. 13, 1946, in Winnemucca to Dora Simon and Doris Eileen Lasa.

He graduated from Bishop Manogue High School in 1964 and has been a life long resident of Humboldt County. He was employed as the Maintenance Superintendent at Goldcorp Marigold Mine. He was also a member of the Nevada Muleys, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Ducks Unlimited. Dorateo served his country in the U.S. Army and was also a member of the Lutheran Church.

He was preceded in death by his mother and father. He is survived by his wife, Rebecca Lasa; his children, Angela (Robert) Crenshaw, Dorateo Raymond (Jessica) Lasa, Erin Louise (Juan) Sanchez, Leonard L. (Heidi) Lerg Jr., Garth C. (Rosemary) Lerg; a sister, Doreen (Bruce) Malone; eighteen grandchildren and many close friends.

Memorial services will be held at 1 p.m. Friday, Feb. 5, 2010, at the East Hall of the Winnemucca Convention Center. Arrangements are under the direction of Albertson Funeral Home. Condolences may be left for the family at 
Lasa, Doroteo Foster (I810962)
1480 The Humboldt Sun - February 8, 2010

Our beloved wife, sister, mother, grandmother (Ami), and tia (Bobo) was unexpectedly called to be with the Lord on Jan. 30, 2010, Born May 12, 1934, in Oilman, Colo., to Frank and Mary Williams, Barbara and her family relocated to Elko, where she was raised. She attended school in Elko and graduated Elko High School in 1952. Barbara then enrolled in college at Woodbury University in Los Angeles, Calif., where she was a member of the Sigma Iota Chi Sorority.

After returning from college she met the love of her life, Henry Mentaberry, and they married Aug. 13, 1955, in Reno. Making their home in Winnemucca. Barbara took a position with Nevada Bell. She left Nevada Bell to begin raising her family o on Harmony Road shortly thereafter. During that time, she gave piano lessons from home and was briefly the Society Page Reporter for the Humboldt Star. After teaching piano lessons for nine years, Barbara began her career as a legal secretary in the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office. Following 22 years in the district attorney's office, she worked for Attorney Tom Perkins, and then took a position as Law Clerk for the Sixth Judicial District Court. Barbara retired after 29 years of service with Humboldt County.

Barbara's service to her community was extensive. She was a past member of the PEO, Winnemucca Booster Club, Beta Sigma Phi, Literary Club, and St. Paul's OLV Club. Furthermore, she was a member of the Humboldt County School Board, Humboldt County Library Board, was an organist and active member of St. Paul's Catholic Church, and was chairwoman of Families in Action for Winnemucca from 1986 to 1988. Barbara had a passion for politics and was once the chairwoman of the Humboldt County Democratic Party and served as Nevada State Democratic Party Secretary. Barbara felt privileged and honored to be named Humboldt County Democratic Woman of the Year in 1971.

The enthusiasm Barbara had in her life was endless. She was devoted to her husband and children, deeply adored her grandchildren, and treasured her friends. Barbara celebrated life with family and friends in Salt Lake, gatherings in Winnemucca, and precious moments with those closest to her, Barbara is preceded in death by her parents Frank and Mary Williams; brother James Williams; and grandson Steven Mentaberry.

Barbara is survived by a significant extended family and close long-time friends.

A Memorial Mass will be held at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Winnemucca on Feb. 6, 2010, at 12 p.m. Contributions may be made in Barbara's memory to the National Parkinson Foundation at Arrangements are under the direction of Albertson Funeral Home.

Barbara will always be remembered by those who loved her as a "rock" to her family and friends, and a comfort to their souls. Goodbye Ami, you will forever be in our hearts. 
Williams, Barbara (I7336600)
1481 The Humboldt Sun - November 3, 2008

Winnemucca cemetery David Etchart, 88, of McDermitt, entered into rest Sunday Morning Oct. 26, 2008, He is survived by his wife, Avelina, son David Etchart and daughter-in-law Pearl, daughter Darlene Albisu and son-in-law Frank Albisu, daughteer Amorita Maher and son-in-law Steve Maher; grandchildren Michelle Etchart, Charonne Southerland, Nicholas Etchart, Stephanie Etchart, Melissa Etchart, Rich Albisu, Elaine Albisu, Mary Bengoa, Reme Huttman and Tim Maher; great-grandchildren Sean and Sam Bengoa, Lilly and Griz Southerland and Averi Albisu.

David was born in Golconda on April 26, 1920, and attended school in Golconda. He entered the service Feb. 18, 1942, and served on several fronts during World War II. He was discharged June 26, 1945, with, a Good Conduct Medal and the European-African Middle Eastern Service Medal.

David married Avelina Achabal Feb. 28, 1946, and has operated her family ranch since 1965. He and Avelina also operated a grocery store in McDermitt for a period of eight years, at which time, he became well trained in maintaining refrigeration units, an art he practiced for friends for many years after he moved to the ranch.

David was an avid sportsman throughout most of his life. His family was his greatest source of pride.

A Rosary will be celebrated Friday at 6 p.m. at Albertson Funeral Home. Funeral Services will be held at the East Hall Convention Center on Saturday Nov. 1, 2008, at 11 a.m. with interment following at the Winnemucca Cemetery. A reception will be held at the East Hall following graveside services. 
Etchart, David (I5027962)
1482 Third Service Command at Fort Meade, Maryland Gabica, Soledad (I5456797)
1483 U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
about John C Azcuenaga
Name: John C Azcuenaga
Birth Year: 1901
Race: White, citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: Oregon
State of Residence: Idaho
County or City: Ada

Enlistment Date: 23 Sep 1942
Enlistment State: Oregon
Enlistment City: Portland
Branch: Air Corps
Branch Code: Air Corps
Grade: Private
Grade Code: Private
Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Component: Army of the United States - includes the following: Voluntary enlistments effective December 8, 1941 and thereafter; One year enlistments of National Guardsman whose State enlistment expires while in the Federal Service; Officers appointed in the Army of
Source: Civil Life

Education: 4 years of high school
Civil Occupation: Electricians
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Height: 68
Weight: 175

Social Security Death Index
about John Azcuenaga
Name: John Azcuenaga
SSN: 519-07-6496
Last Residence: 83702 Boise, Ada, Idaho, United States of America
Born: 4 Apr 1901
Died: Mar 1969
State (Year) SSN issued: Idaho (Before 1951)
Azcuenaga, Juan C. (I5932194)
1484 U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014 about Domingo Mendiola
Name: Domingo Mendiola
SSN: 518-07-8359
Last Residence: Idaho
BORN: 19 Dec 1896
Died: Jun 1963
State (Year) SSN issued: Idaho (Before 1951)
Mendiola Aldecoa, Domingo (I4294860)
1485 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1727792
1486 vicente Bidaburu

Idaho Statesman, The (Boise, ID) - Thursday, January 3, 2019

Vicente Bidaburu 1923 ~ 2018 Vicente Bidaburu, 95, of Boise, Idaho passed away peacefully in his sleep at home on December 30, 2018. He lived a long fulfilling life blessed with many family and friends. Vicente was born on October 27, 1923 in Ereño, Spain to Maximo Bidaburu and Josefa Arrizabalaga. He grew up on the family baserri (farmhouse) named "Barrenetxe", where he spoke fondly of his childhood memories. As a young boy in 1937 he witnessed the waves of bombers that brought destruction to the city of Gernika and later was tasked by the mayor of Ereno to help with the recovery process. Vicente also served in the Spanish Army stationed in Donostia (San Sebastian). In 1954 he seized the opportunity to immigrate to America where he secured an honest and hardworking job with his uncle sheepherding in Oregon. He loved America for its abundance of opportunities that rewarded everyone that was willing to work hard. After 7 years in Steens Mountain, OR, Vicente returned to the Basque country to reunite with family. At a festival in Ispaster, he met a beautiful lady named Carmen Madarieta. They were married soon after in 1961. In 1962, Vicente returned to the United States to establish a home and stable employment for his family. Vicente settled in Burns, Oregon, where he and Carmen thrived raising their two children, Aitor born in 1962 and Ana Maria born in 1964. While in Burns he worked two jobs; one at the Hines Lumber Mill and another as a maintenance worker at the local county courthouse. He was honored by the city of Burns for being the longest tenured laborer the courthouse ever had, an achievement that made Vicente very proud. He retired in 1989 after long fulfilling career. He moved to Boise in 1994, where he spent the rest of his life, in order to be closer to his kids and grandkids. Vicente is often remembered for his witty stories during a game of Briska with his grandchildren. Vicente often referred to himself as "the coyote" because of his wisdom, which eventually led to prowess during the annual Briska card tournament at the Basque Center where he and Carmen won two championships. These moments surrounding the card table were teaching moments for his family. He instilled in them the importance of family, faith, and hard work while remaining humble. Vicente is preceded in death by his parents and his brother Francisco. Vicente is survived by his loving wife Maria Carmen Madarieta Bidaburu, his two children Aitor (Debbie) and Ana (Jess), six grandchildren Nicolas, Joseba, Mikel, Matea, Isabela, Cristina and his two sisters Benarda and María Luísa still residing in the Basque Country. There will be a private viewing held at Cloverdale Funeral home on Friday January 4th. Funeral mass will be held Saturday, January 5th at 11am at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. Reception to be held immediately following the mass at St. John Parrish Hall downstairs. The family asks that memorial donations be made to Euzkaldunak Basque Foundation, PO Box 2613 Boise 83701. To share memories with the family please visit Vicente's memorial webpage at 
Bidaburu, Vicente (I276)
1487 viudo cuando se caso con Paulina Arteaga Yrarzaval, Jose (I5948931)
1488 Walter John Azcuenaga, a resident of Klamath Falls, Ore., went to be with his Heavenly Father Feb. 16, 2006. Walter was born in Boise, Idaho on July 10, 1926 to Louis and Deah Eliza Azcuenaga and attended Boise schools until his enlistment in the Navy in 1944. Upon returning home in 1948, he enrolled in Boise Junior College as a music student. He later enlisted in the Idaho Air National Guard and was stationed in Seoul Korea attached to the 304th Sig Bn., APO 301 finishing his stint in the Air Force stationed in Osaka Japan attached to the Drake Detachment ACAN FAC, USASCAJ. Walt is survived by his wife, Vickie Liskey of Klamath Falls, Ore.; son Antone Azcuenaga of Boise, Idaho; daughters Carol Jacques of Hull Quebec and Mischelle Campbell of Garland, Texas; step-daughter Ann Camit of Maui, Hawaii, Peggy Handley of Redmond, Ore.; step-son Randy Oliva of Klamath Falls, Ore. and their families. Walt´s son, Steve Azcuenaga and step-son Michael Oliva preceded him in death. Walt was among other things a gospel singer and was Pastor of the Amherst, New York Church of Christ and the Tulelake, California Church of Christ. Memorial services will be on Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 2:30 p.m. in Jordan Valley, Ore. at the Methodist Church with Pastor Dale Johnson of The Church of the Rock, officiating. Inurnment will follow the services at the Jordan Valley Cemetery. Arrangements are by Summers Funeral Homes, Boise Chapel.

Published in Idaho Statesman on Mar. 5, 2006. 
Azcuenaga, Walter John (I5938433)
1489 Wedding announcement from the Alturas MODOC COUNTY RECORD, 9 February 1961, page 4c3:


Two prominent families of Surprise Valley were united January 28th when Nancy Peterson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Granville Peterson of Fort Bidwell became the bride of Joe Bicondoa, Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bicondoa of Eagleville.

The 2 o'clock ceremony was performed in the Sacred Heart church of Alturas by Father Ignatius Estes in the presence of immediate relatives and personal friends of the young couple.

The bride was accompanied to the altar by her father who gave her hand in marriage. Attending her as maid of honor was Carmen Bicondoa, sister of the groom and Marcel Maria attended the groom as best man.

Nancy was a lovely bride in her waltz length gown of white alencon type lace over net with wrist length sleeves and round neck line. Her shouder length veil was attached to a coronet of seed pearls and she carried a bouquet of white orchids in ivory rose buds.

At the end of the marriage ritual Father Estes handed the couple on heirloom coin which he had blessed for the occasion. The quaint custom originated in France and this coin was given to Nancy's great-grandmother Delmas at her marriage in France in 1872. In turn it was given to Nancy's grandmother Mrs. Charles Decious by her husband in 1903 and to Nancy's mother Mrs. Granville Peterson at her wedding in 1929. The coin is blessed by the attending priest who hands it to the groom then he hands it in turn to his bride, as a token of prosperous and good life together.

Following the service the bridal party accepted congratulations at a reception in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Decious of Alturas.
For her going away costume the bride wore a strawberry pink suit with matching feather hat and black patent accessories. The honeymoon was spent at Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley and Reno. They will make their home in Eagleville where Joe is employed on his father's ranch."

Family F1197374
1490 WWII Registration lists birth as 1893. Headstone says 1894. Aleman, Miguel (I405)
1491 Ybaiondo Ormaechea Garayechandia, Magdalena (I4437515)
1492 Ynchausti Arano 1933 Ibarrangelu matricula.
Ynchausti Obieta on Cecilio's baptism.
Ynchausti Obieta in 1924 matricula. 
Ynchausti Arano, Maria Josefa (I7853408)
1493 YTURRI, Arthur James "Art"

In loving memory of our father, grandfather, brother, and friend, Arthur "Art" James Yturri, who, so bravely and stoically, fought the battle of cancer for the past 2 1/2 years. Our father peacefully passed on the evening of November 30th, 2017 in Great Falls, Montana, surrounded by his three children. It was then we said goodbye to our loving father, whose heart was filled with love and kindness.

Art was born on February 5th, 1933 in Boise, Idaho. Art was beyond proud of his Basque heritage. After graduating from Rogers High School in 1950, he was drafted into the U.S. Army. Art bravely served for the Military Police in Kaufbeuren, Germany the following two years. After fulfilling his military service, Art returned to Spokane. In 1956, he married the love of his life, Marion Young; together they raised three children who were his pride and joy and the loves of his life. There was nothing more important to him than his children and there was absolutely nothing he would not do for them. The majority of dad's working years were spent in the Spokane area as an operations manager in the trucking industry. He then retired in the early 1990s.

Upon retirement, our dad became the proud owner and operator of the Hi Neighbor Tavern. After 4 1/2 years, he decided it was time to begin his realretirement. Dad's real retirement took him to the Palm Springs area where he purchased a beautiful home on a golf course. During the winter months, it was there he enjoyed his great passions for golf, watching sports, quality time with his friends, and the leisurely life dad so deserved. When dad came home to Spokane during the summer months, his time was spent with his children and grandchildren.

Dad was preceded in death by his father, George Yturri, his mother, Virginia Lintecum and brother, Mike Yturri. He is survived by his wife, Marion Yturri, his brother, John Yturri from Bullhead, Nevada, his son, Jim Yturri (Cari), Great Falls, MMontana, his daughters, Rita Yturri-Smith and Michelle Thames (Kelly) both of Spokane, Washington. Dad took extreme pride in his eight grandchildren, who he absolutely adored; Ben and Catherine Yturri; Hannah and Christian Smith; Kohner, Madison, Chase and Blake Thames; and many nieces, nephews, and extended family.

Our dear, loving father, grandfather, brother, and friend will be so dearly missed and admired for his hard work, inspiration, and countless passions. But missed most of all will be his light-heartedness, and his unconditional love for all of us. And so, the story goes on until we see our father again.
We love you and miss you so much, dear dad.

Please join our family as we remember our wonderful father at Touchmark, 2929 South Waterford Dr., Spokane, Washington, on January 6th, 2018, at 1:00 p.m.

Published in Spokesman-Review on Dec. 31, 2017

In loving memory of James Arthur Yturri
Date of Birth : Feb 5 1933

Place of Birth : Boise, Idaho

Date Deceased : November 30th 2017

Place of Death : Great Falls, Montana

February 5, 1933 - November 30, 2017 James Arthur Yturri, known to friends and family as "Art," passed away peacefully while surrounded by family on November 30, 2017 at Peace Hospice in Great Falls. Art was born on February 5, 1933 in Boise, Idaho. Unfortunately, Art"s mother died as a single parent from tuberculosis when Art was only 7 years old.

During the following two years, Art and his two brothers were raised by his aunt, Peggy and his maternal grandmother, or "Granny," as he affectionately called her. Art and his energetic brothers proved to be too much for Granny to handle; thereffore, while in the third grade, Art and his brothers were moved to an orphanage named Briscoe Memorial School in Kent, Washington. Art did not have the most pleasant memories of his experience at Briscoe and remembered how he and his brothers ran away from the orphanage on multiple occasions.

He recalled that on one occasion, he and his brothers were able to escape Briscoe and navigate the 18 miles to downtown Seattle, but were returned to the orphanage after being found asleep on a bench at the Seattle Greyhound Bus Station. Art graduated from John Rogers High School in Spokane, Washington in 1950. While at John Rogers, he worked full time at a truck tire shop.

This job was often the chief means of financial support for his family at that time, which included his aunt and uncle. In fact, Art nearly dropped out of high school during his junior year, as there didn"t seem to be enough hours in the day to work more than 50 hours each week and attend high school. After graduating from high school, Art was drafted into the U.S. Army, and for most of the next two years served in the military police department at Kaufburn, Germany.

Art returned to Spokane after completing his military service and became employed in the trucking industry. In 1958, he wed Marion Young and they had three children. They later divorced.

The majority of Art"s working years were spent in the trucking industry as an operations manager for multiple trucking transportation companies in the Spokane area. While dispatching trucks throughout the Spokane area in the 1960"s through the 1980"s, Art"s incredible memory would be on display, as he could immediately recall the complete address of any customer receiving a freight delivery on any given day. Art"s colleagues in the freight business considered his expertise at routing each driver through the Spokane area on a daily basis in the most efficient and logical manner to be unsurpassed.

After retiring from the trucking industry in the early 1990"s, Art purchased the Hi Neighbor Tavern in Spokane, which he owned and operated for four and a half years. The financial success of this business venture allowed him to purchase a home in Thousand Palms, California, which enabled him to do what he was most passionate about more frequently – playing golf with his buddies. Art played Cribbage in an expert manner and at one point was able to maintain a bowling average in the 190"s.

He loved sports, especially when it involved watching the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Seahawks on TV. Art also adored Elvis Presley. Art resided in Great Falls for the last two and a half years of his life.

He is survived by his former wife, Marion Yturri, of Spokane, WA; brother John Yturri of Bullhead, NV; son Jim (Cari) Yturri of Great Falls; daughters Rita Yturri-Smith and Michelle (Kelly) Thames both of Spokane, WA; and eight grandchildren. Art was preceded in death by his father, George Yturri; mother Virginia Lintecum; and his brother Mike Yturri. A memorial service will take place later this month in Spokane, Washington.

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Yturri, Arthur James (I6670457)

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