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Gernikako Arbola in Ontario

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on April 29, 2007 in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Gernika, a seedling cultivated from an acorn of Gernikako Arbola was planted in Ontario. The new tree stands in the park on the north side of Ontario Basque Center.

Significance of Gernikako Arbola

Since the Middle Ages, the Tree of Gernika has been a symbol of the liberty of the people of Bizkaia, and by extension, all Basques. It was under its branches that the monarchs of Castile swore to uphold the "fueros" of ancient code of Basque laws and privileges. In modern times, the Lehendakari, the Basque President, takes his oath of office there. The descendant of the original tree, which stood outside the Parliament house in Gernika survived the bombing by Nazi planes, allies of Generalísimo Francisco Franco’s fascists in the Spanish Spanish Civil War, while the rest of the town was reduced to rubble. The tree now also is a symbol of peace so that such atrocities may never be committed again.

The "Family Tree" of Gernikako Arbola

Our commemoration included the following elements:





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